ill Qaeda is Toronto area rappers illems and Merkury.

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ill Qaeda is a militant hip hop duo from the Greater Toronto area consisting of MC's illems and Merkury. Brought together by their mutual love for hip hop and their mutual disgust with the quasi-fascist, oligarchical cultural wasteland that is the western world, they have developed a unique style of rap. This style is best characterized as militant anarchist/secular jihadist rap. ill Qaeda mimics the radical political extremism of Islamic Terrorism, using this as a symbolic and metaphorical literary device to demonstrate their uncompromising rejection of the fundamentally flawed global political paradigm that exists today.

Heavily influenced by underground hip hop, illems and Merkury are both Anarchists at heart who deride all forms of tyranny, however provocative ill Qaeda's music may appear to be. In reality, ill Qaeda is a movement of principled nonconformism, advocating radical structural change in society and using dope hip hop music as a means to give people an alternate perspective.

After dropping their debut “Tumbling Towers” in 2012, they have continued writing and recording while moving away from commercialized rap and refining their politically-inclined, underground style. Their second mixtape, “Tumbling Towers II” was released to general acclaim on September 11th, 2014. They have recently contracted professional management and continue to perform and release new music. ill Qaeda brings potent, powerful music to the table and real energy to the stage.

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